The hypocrisy of Marriage equality

They say , let people marry who they love , I agree .What if for whatever reason , you love two women or two men and they love you , why can’t you marry them ? Why is it an offense , a criminal offense ?

Is a man marrying a man or woman marring a woman superior to a man marring 2 women for instance . ? I ask. Because outside Europe and North America,, it’s acceptable .it’s not a criminal offense

That’s why in Africa the push for lgbtq rights by western journalists is very hypocritical .

If they are serious , they should first fight to decriminalizing all forms of adult marriage before coming to tell poor ignorant Africans how to mould their society in their western image . Colonialism is over

Europe and USA , should remove the log in their eyes first


I have some gay friends who always come at me because of my Christianity . Great people I must confess . My take to them is that God loves them all and saw everyone of them and sent Jesus to die for them like everybody else but HE is not obligated to love whatever they choose to do just like everyone else

I ask them , who should adjust to each other ? Should God adjust to your preference or you adjust to HIS preference

Don’t blame Christian’s . They did not create God

The faith ?

Why are many Christians not sufficiently curious about the the gospel?why do many swallow so much they are fed without proper examination. Why are they so easily led by the nose . If there is something that requires constant inquiry , it’s the gospel. God is not intimidated by questions. Christianity in many places are in grave danger of becoming mere cult