Nigeria on my mind

As a street evangelist many years ago , I discovered that there are 2 major reasons why young girls are trafficked for prostitution.

The first is abject poverty and the second is occultism . These two factors make trafficking young girls into prostitution almost unstoppable in west Africa

These girls are mostly given up to traffickers by their extremely poor parents thinking they were being helped and the first act of the traffickers is to initiate these girls into a powerful occultic entity that puts incredible fear on these girls . I have preached to them and they fear this occultic entities more than they trust God .

With rising poverty in Nigeria, I shudder at what may be happening now


USA spent over $1 trillion in Afghanistan, lost 2315 military personnel and stayed 20 years . They helped build a 300,000 army force , gave them sophisticated weapons and a decent air force and yet they crumbled like a wet bread

The reality is that Most Afghans want Taliban , so they put up zero fight . Those who think USA should remain there are free to gather themselves and go back

Thank God Biden had the courage to pull out . Enough is enough

Pro Life

Christians in general believe that abortion is wrong because it takes a life , why are we struggling with taking COVID vaccine that will save our lives .Many say it’s a personal decision . Is there anything more personal than a woman making decisions about her body part ?

If we are really pro life , we need to be consistent .


I finally returned to church with my whole family and we were the only people that wore masks . This is a leading state in the spread and resurgence of Covid variant .

How does it benefit me to expose my self and family to some stupid virus just because of some ideology that does nothing but strip us of our common sense ?

Regardless of all the political / religious ideological posturing , wisdom has to be safety FIRST .


There is no second place with God for believers . Every Christian is first place with him , even those we call liberal . No believers problem or challenge is more important to God than another . It’s Christ first and all us . No other heir-achy

Sleep on

For the first time my son was sleeping in church and I did not try to wake him up . The sermon was on the Ten Commandments and I needed strong coffee to keep awake. .

Talk about boring and ineffective but I still love the people