Prayer true story

A preacher , overwhelmed , by what he was facing lay down in his hotel room praying and crying for help.

Suddenly a thought exploded in him and it says “ here lies a fool doing all the talking to someone who knows everything

He shut up and began to listen

Psalm 91:10-11

No evil shall befall us nor shall any plague come near our dwelling

For HE has given his angels charge over us , to keep us in all our ways

We can’t question God

Why can’t we question God?

Why can’t I ask my loving father questions ? Who is better than the lord to answer me if tragedy strikes( God forbid)?

My questions are not to doubt him but to draw comfort. I cry out to him , Lord , Lord why? And his words remain unshakeable : Fear not I am with you , I am your ever present help


It doesn’t matter if you are not so educated , if you don’t have the right connections or if you are not the hardest worker, if the grace ofGod is on you , you can go far

But if you are so educated, have the right connections and work hard with the grace of God on you , you will surely go much further

Politics a bit

Nigeria is a civilian dictatorship that have done absolutely nothing to protect Christians

In a space of just a month , 11 Christians have been executed on tape and just this week , a state chairman of Christian association of Nigeria , was executed . All these by Islamic terrorists

The Islamic rulers of the country and their fake Christian allies make a lip service and that’s all

Christians have become engendered species in this Muslim dominated regime of Nigeria . CHRISTIANS NEED HELP NOW! They have shed enough blood.