Sometimes you act like a Lion to live like a lamb

Dave Chappell’s mum

The mega church

What is a mega church ?A ministry with thousands of members

But what is the view of heaven? Christ is the mega of the church . It could be 2 , 3 or 4 people , if Christ is in their midst, it is already mega.

I rather take the mega of Christ than the mega of numbers

Jesus’ Birthday.

There is an argument going around that Jesus was not born on Christmas Day and as such Christmas is unbiblical

My question is , if the children of God agree on a day which their father made , any day , to celebrate the birth of their savior , why are some people so upset ?

If we like , we can make everyday Christmas . Certainly God’s Grace is worthy of it. In fact , one day is not enough. They should thank God that Jesus was born, gather with their families and rejoice with food

God, family , food