Different Seasons

It’s cold and white outside. The scenery looks beautiful, like an exclamation by the season saying ” I am here, it’s my time. ” Standing out and watching it , my mind drifts…

I wake up in Umudisi, a small African village, south east Nigeria. It’s chilly this early morning . The winds are howling and everything that can dry up is quickly drying. The harmattan season is at it’s peak and I can almost sense it saying ” I am here, its my time”

It’s fun season and besides the hiccup of waking up early to fetch water from the stream, a good six miles back and forth , this time of year is full of celebrations, homecomings, feasts, and the one that I never forget, my initiation rites . Oh what a day it was . I was barely 12 , but it was my turn to know Masquerade (Mmuonwu). I had to or else I will have no face among my age mates not to talk about the elders. I was too proud , too cocky to let that happen. God forbid!

Few things commanded my attention like these Masquerades . Now when I say masquerades I don’t mean the masks sold in the markets or the Halloween costumes at Walmart. No . My masquerades were different .They are the symbol of the spirits that watched over my people I had been sternly informed . Not something to trifle with . Revered, all you had to do to get a kid to straighten out was the threat of their presence. Following them around – at a safe distance – was my hobby. There was something about the spirit of it all that held me spell bound.
Finally my time to enter into Mmuonwu had come and I was ready.

“Daddy are you ok?” My daughter asked. I snapped back to Missouri. “You have been so quiet for a while”. I am good I answered and looked at the time . 11:53 pm. Seasons, I muttered, there are different seasons in a man’s life and I went to bed


Food Sunday

Suya Nigeria’s # 1 Barbeque

Suya , Nigeria’s most popular barbeque. Originated from the northern part of Nigeria and devoured throughout the country. A mixture of ground peanuts, with the oil pressed out and fried, cayenne pepper, African negro pepper, stock cube, ground ginger and salt to taste are combined to produce a unique flavor that is irresistible. Not always easy to get the mixture right but its worth the effort

Believing 2

Photo by omar alnahi on Pexels.com

Believing is very foundational to the Christian life. It is so fundamental that Christians are called Believers in the bible. Believing is what they do. Now the main difference I have observed between believing with the mind and believing with the spirit is PRESSURE ( sickness financial problem, marital problem etc). How does a Christian react when faced with pressure , especially a sustained pressure? It’s easy to live a Christian life without pressure

.Now first, what is believing with the mind? It is when a Christian is familiar with the word enough to remember it , quote it but have not spent the time to meditate and think on the word. When pressure comes and you speak that word out of your mind , it generates no power in the spirit . Indeed the likeliest scenario is that under pressure, panic / fear will freeze the mind. Fear can never freeze your spirit.. In my up coming book , I delve deeper into this.

However believing with the mind can easily become believing with the spirit when one takes the time to meditate on the word .

Happy New year awesome People.

Photo by JESHOOTS.com on Pexels.com

Another year is here. Today I paused and took inventory of my journey. There is so much I want to do this year . Finish writing my book , read more books, spend less time staring at my cell phone, eat a bit less meat, soo much. How ever, there is one thing I must do, one thing I need to do. I must change my mind set, I must expose my focus to healthy information and material. It is now clear to me that fear or peace, despair or hope , strength or weakness, anxiety or calm, even sickness or health begins with the disposition of my mind . When I win in my mind , I win in all things .

Believing 1

Photo by Pete Johnson on Pexels.com

What is believing? It is when the word of God makes contact with your spirit or when your spirit lays hold of the word . The bible says with the heart a man believes ( heart in context refers to your spirit and not the mind) . If that word is not received by your spirit, believing has not yet occurred .How does this happen? By studying and especially meditating on the word. Meditation pushes the word or plants the word in your spirit. If the word of God does not connect with the human spirit/ not believed, that word for that person remains powerless. It’s like putting the seed of an oak tree in a plastic bag, it will never unleash its potentials.

Believing 2 will examine the difference between believing with the mind and believing with the spirit. They are not the same. Do take a peek.