I have some gay friends who always come at me because of my Christianity . Great people I must confess . My take to them is that God loves them all and saw everyone of them and sent Jesus to die for them like everybody else but HE is not obligated to love whatever they choose to do just like everyone else

I ask them , who should adjust to each other ? Should God adjust to your preference or you adjust to HIS preference

Don’t blame Christian’s . They did not create God

The faith ?

Why are many Christians not sufficiently curious about the the gospel?why do many swallow so much they are fed without proper examination. Why are they so easily led by the nose . If there is something that requires constant inquiry , it’s the gospel. God is not intimidated by questions. Christianity in many places are in grave danger of becoming mere cult

Salvation for Nigeria ??

There is a breath of fresh air in Nigerian politics . The youths of Nigeria have woken up . They have marshaled their support behind a candidate with impeccable and outstanding record as a state governor . In a country enslaved by ethnicity and corruption , this man is from the minority Igbo tribe , a self made business man who has defied all odds . He has articulated clear cut solutions to the country’s problems and his background shows he is capable .

He left a major party because he refused to bribe delegates to vote for him . The youths followed him to a small party and in 2 months , that party has become a force to reckon with .

It may be mission impossible, it may be that Nigeria has woken up . But one thing is clear , if any of the old guard is elected , Nigeria may collapse . A country of 200 million people in a free fall will torpedo west African economy , affect the economy of Africa and the world will be forced to be involved , God help us


I’ve been busy following the primaries and impending elections coming up next year in Nigeria , a country of 200 million people with every imaginable natural resources you can think of .

But we have been cursed by the worst leadership ever . Looking at 99% of the characters about to be thrown up , I fear greatly for Nigeria . The few good ones are cast aside by candidates with looted funds and the people – majority poor , hungry and jobless- are like addicts scrambling for a fix of handouts with no care for tomorrow. I fear greatly


Happy resurrection to you Jesus . You did all the work . I know that the cross was incredibly painful but we stand in awe at the eternal benefits available to us since you rise from the dead . We appreciate beyond measure


I always thought Putin was a smart guy but I now see he is a big fool

He may think he is so powerful today but down the road , he will see the folly of his madness . Unintended consequences has a way of humbling bullies . Look at history . LONG LIVE UKRAINE