21 days of gratitude

Day 2


Dad came back from work on Friday .He decided to pack every one home to the village . Yes there was war but everything was peaceful where we lived.

He went back alone after the weekend to the house and froze in horror . The entire porch , the very center of our play zone , had been blown apart by shelling.

” A thousand May fall by our side , ten thousand by our right hand but it shall not come near us”Psalm 91:7



Many years ago , I had a great desire to call a friend of mine who I had not seen in a long while

Little did I know it was God talking to me . I did not call . Months later I heard the guy died

The pain was beyond measure. Please reach out, you never know

Thinking aloud

God deserves the work of ministry be supported generously but if tithe began before the law through Abraham , how come in over a hundred years Abraham lived , it was recorded he paid tithe only once?

Ministers must come up with a better argument.